Is Your Business Due for an IT Assessment?

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It is critical for businesses to conduct thorough IT assessments regularly so they can identify security violations, monitor performance, and document network developments.  An IT assessment can also help firms to ascertain the ways in which technology can enhance productivity and improve profitability.

IT assessments can be executed using various approaches.  Regardless of what method is chosen, they should at least result in a written report that can be shared with relevant people throughout the organization. The assessment should also be guided by a checklist of all the factors requiring investigation.

Develop insights into any technology concerns

When a member of the IT team performs in-house IT assessments, they will already have a good understanding of the current technology-related issues. However, these concerns should be reevaluated during the assessment. If the company chooses to hire external IT consultants, they will also work to get a good overview of the organization’s IT problems by questioning relevant employees and listing identified issues.

Check network documentation

Ensure that appropriate network documentation is available along with a network topology map that clearly delineates how various components of the network fit together. The ideal map should be comprehensive showing a new employee who has no prior knowledge of the systems how to use it to set up the network from scratch. It can be useful to use network diagramming applications and IP scanners to construct detailed maps.

Conduct a general evaluation

One method to oversee a general evaluation is to list all the items that are common across the majority of technology components. You can then produce an assessment of each of these components. Areas that you may wish to consider include asset tracking, maintenance, access control, security, data access, backup systems, and monitoring.

Implement specific evaluations

If you conduct more detailed assessments of the areas outlined above, you will need to report on the individual technology components. For example, you may evaluate network elements, servers, battery backup mechanisms, software applications, and email.

Effective technology assessments typically have a core objective and are conducted to gather information from IT and non-IT functions throughout the organization. If you want to conduct an IT assessment for your business, be sure to give us a call (or send an email) and we’ll be glad to help you out.

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